A Gatsby blog post each day until the film release!… you can experience this one yourself!

Hello, checking in for the Gatsby “party”
(you can makes these kinds of puns all day)

Famous location: In honor of Baz Luhrmann's much-anticipated film, to be released May 10, the Upper East Side hotel has revived the jazz age with a grand Fitzgerald Suite

Kick it like Mr Jay Gatsby
       This lavish space was unveiled at the Plaza in NYC.. which was also mentioned in the book (The Great Gatsby)

The interior of The Plaza hotel's new Fitzgerald Suite The Great Gatsby

F. Scott himself frequented the hotel often with wife, Zelda.  This is the real deal…the interior of this suite was put together by the hand of the production designer for the film The Great Gatsby , Catherine Martin.  Catherines exquisite elaborate work  was also used in the film Moulin Rouge.  

Throw down that pocket change.. (and then some) for this luxe $2,795 a night (plus tax) charge…

You should feel it’s a room that Scott and Zelda could have stayed in,” Ms. Martin said, “but with the comforts of today.”
And by comforts we mean…
Restoration Hardware-Deco-inspired furniture  & chandeliers (my favorite piece of decor any/everywhere)
 “Ms. Martin said the color, Subtle Velvet Graphite, evokes a “wistfulness,” though it also reflects the rich palette of the new film. 
“The Fitzgerald Suite is on the hotel’s 18th floor, a few rooms down from the Eloise Suite.”.. A few days in this place checking in room to room you might even forget who you are!


The fun doesn’t stop at the room…Cocktail hour will occur in  The Fifth Avenue hotel …by means of the transforming of the iconic Champagne Bar and Todd English Food Hall with Great Gatsby-themed gin-based cocktails and a live jazz band

Inside look: Guests will also be able to browse an exclusive collection of props and costumes from the upcoming film adaption starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2302479/Want-relive-Jazz-Age-like-F-Scott-Fitzgerald-New-Yorks-Plaza-Hotel-unveils-lavish-Great-Gatsby-suite-ahead-film-release.html#ixzz2S4GUvPs0 

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