The Great Fall of Summer…

Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be tricky in terms of weather…trends.. and knowing what exactly is appropriate..

Since most of the country is out of whack lately with weather patterns… my hometown up north was just as hot as FL this past week….

Currently I am in Florida right now and there is a struggle with unseasonably warm weather, while the days go by on the calendar blowing through October days…

Pairing an oxford or chambray over one of your favorite summer dresses is an easy transition to phase out the warm weather clothing while it still actually is hot out…

Layering, layering, layering is a key component while working with your attire in between seasons

You can always shed layers if you get toasty but starting out the day with light layers is an accessible way to ease into fall

I love putting sheers, or open weave tops with a scarf 

Or a long/oversized open cardigan or vest will bring a sense of seasonal 
heaviness without the feeling of wearing more clothing




Fall into Autumn by wearing fall pieces however hold off on the tights/stockings until you actually feel like you may need them. 

If it’s not chilly enough and you want to start kickin’ in your fall wardrobe go bare legged in your favorite silk dress!!

A silk or similar fabric will read a Fall-piece but remain comfortable…

Color is another big player in the transition game… Wearing warmer colors in lighter weights can translate to being seasonably appropriate while the weather is rebelling against mother nature….

OR you can always pull it into reverse here and wear heavier weights in cooler/summer colors.  The heaviness or layering of the summer apparel will distinguish an eclectic look…. 


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