"These ARE your mom’s jeans"

Finding your mom’s old dresses, tops, and skirts…doesn’t mean mean uncool anymore.. by ANY stretch of the imagination…

Alright... I will say my mom is actually one of the most stylish people I have ever come in contact with… she has chic timeless taste that delicately screams elegance.

Therefore I haven’t had as hard of a time transitioning her old clothing into my wardrobe…with the exception of a few raised hemlines…

We have all seen trends come in just as hard core as they went out… from the broad shoulder emphasis, to the skinny jeans, to the novelty sweaters…. raiding your mother’s closet might make you the coolest kid on the block lately… 

I love the ol’ “belt it” trick…cinching in at the waist creates more shape and won’t let you get lost in a shapeless sack.

You can take mom’s silk shirt and tie in a knot creating one of my favorite 90’s throw back looks.  This allows you to make the top appear shorter and more tailored even if it is not…

Throw on a leather jacket-cold-weather staple this season to spice up the look…. 

Take mom’s silk jacket and pair it with matching trousers… creating a colorblocking look

Keep the colors in the same family and with similar tones to give multi colored ensembles ease to the eyes

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