The White Button Up Statement.

While I am bias to the color white as it is my absolute favorite… you cannot deny the clean, chic versatility of the white oxford/button up…
As a mademoiselle with grander size bra than some, I know the heartache of the inevitable g a p p i n g of the placket from your bust line.  Donning more of an hour-glass figure my shirts will hang like a tent if they aren’t tailored at the waist however fabric puckering at the bust has always posed a problem until now…

In Style
finally released their genius idea for this eternal wardrobe staple….

fitting by bra-size!
                            Find your perfect fit here… shopinstyleessentials

When one goes shopping for the everlasting staple…. 
Here are a few misconceptions and facts to keep your knowledge as proper as your wardrobe..
Many people interchangeably use the term “button-down,” and “button-up.”
The term “button-down” which refers a type of shirt which has a collar fastened down by buttons

The word ‘Oxford’ actually refers to the type of fabric it is made from
instead of the style of shirt.
When you hear someone say “OCBD…”= Oxford Cloth Button Down
                                                          Brooks Brothers
Main image - Ivory
Ralph Lauren Blue Label Megan Solid Oxford Shirt in White - Lyst                                                                                         Ralph Lauren
                                                The beauty of the white button-up is its versatility…
Pairing the shirt with a pencil skirt (this one is leather) is great for the office, or business lunch
Florals, or prints on the bottom coordinate well with the white simple button-up.
The conservative top balances out its playful counterpart on the bottom.
Shorts are my thing!  They go great with a pair of tights for work and you can shed the tights, & in one easy step you are ready for drinks and a night out!
Colored bottoms especially for those who aren’t as daring to try this trend, can put the calm white top with it to maintain its ease.
The White Oxford Statement.

Thom Browne blouse

River Island mini skirt
$80 –

J Brand jeans

Joseph pants

Tokyo Laundry red skinny jeans
$40 –


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