Superb Scarves and their infinite Stylish possibilities…

Scarves have been my favorite accessory to the point I don’t consider them (just) an accessory but a necessity 

…from the time when I was 14 and  called the “head scarf” returning to trend before it happened  … to working with the bombastic  beautiful Lilly Pulitzer printed scarves on Madison Ave…. to working in a corporate office designing scarves…

I have seen the versatile style they can bring… the multi-functionality they can produce…  the coordination that makes heads turn…and the luxe-factor that some designers have made an artform.  

Scarves are a piece of apparel that belong in every woman’s and man’s closet…with the comfort in knowing they can be used in multiple seasons in different ways!

Types of scarves:
Square- often credited to notable names like Hermes 

Oblong- longer rectangular shape

Novelty-Fabric with lots of interest and embellishment

Oversized- Excessive fabric makes for a voluminous chic look framing the face

Infinity- Circular scarf.. I have a slight OBSESSION with these

American Apparel is one of my go-to’s for their incredible infinities…


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