Pocket full of Sunshine and Style

….wear a  pocket-square and you can be sure you won’t be a square at your next rendezvous

While it’s been argued until recent times with the rise in men’s accessories that men have less options than women for dressing… 


Painted Paisley Pocket Square

3300915 -
…sporting the right accessories at the right time can make that argument simply disappear with the flick of a pocket square…

Brooks Brothers is the god-father of proper gentlemens’ (and womens’ attire):

The Square or “Presidential.”
The One-Point.
The Four-Point.
The Puff.
In any gentleman’s closet a pristine collection of pocket squares can be the defining factor in setting him apart from the other suitors…

I see the pocket square as a fabulous finishing touch on a dapper man’s look….take note from 2 of the rat pack’s finest…

I especially love when women adapt this handy accessory piece giving their look a menswear inspired flair….perfect for this Fall/Winter season…

The pocket square accessory can bring life and excitement to suits adding character and individuality…

Check out this awesome site/blog I came across…she posted about the art of the pocket as well!

Girls Wear Menswear 2 via Ashley Brooke Designs

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