Hats off to the gents…

This Fall/Winter menswear inspired pieces and looks have graced every september issue from A-Z from Bazzar to Vogue…

A Single Man

I suppose it was the timeless dapper allure my grandfather carried in every piece he ever wore from his cardigan sweaters to his matching argyle socks…

My grandparents chic and timeless as ever:

He brought the term “fashionably late” to an actuality…even at a tender age of 5 I’d seem him arrive after everyone else but you couldn’t argue that the man was dressed to a T…
men's style
Now this is a favorite of mine… 
standing outside of his prep school senior year…
Ahem, Take notes gents…

Speaking of dressing like a gent,

 Paging Chuck Bass…

It’s important to not have competing statements on one look, however you don’t have to keep it boring, the rules in mixing prints have changed.  
Plaids, dots, knitted, tartan or solid...It´s your choice

Effortless style 

Inspired by Michael Caine, Paul Newman
  and JFK 

reinventing a gentleman’s prep look 

has been in the

 hands of Mister Read Wall

As Lazaro, designer of Proenza 

Schouler explains the opportunity for a

man designing a women’s line for 

expressing fantasy through collections 

of clothing… my love for menswear 

developed into an endless obsession

I find myself lusting over all pieces that make me 

melt when a gent dons a pocket square, a tailored 

suit, and cuff links to name a few…

Working menswear detail/inspiration 

into womens’ looks creates a unique, 

statement-making allure   
print mixing correctly.. yes sir where are you?

while it’s no secret many women can’t 

resist a gent in a suit…


As a feminine lass  (although I work in touches of it every chance I get) …I love playing up feminine vs menswear pieces in one look… but as an outsider of the male world there seems to be so much possibility and creativity and fantasy if you will, in creating looks for menswear.  


True updates to classics…. Fifth & Brannan, is a classic brand and one to definitely have your eye on if not already in your closet…

  • about5B

        image via: fifthandbrannan

…It’s not just the ensemble of pieces, 


not just the look or the power it 

attains… it’s a way of life.


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