Ready… Set… Shine

The shine of the sequin affect can make a girl like she went from brunette to blond in a matter of donning a few sequins 

I wore this dress on New Years Eve, sequin pieces are great for celebratory events and parties 

I took this when I studied abroad in Paris… 

Sequin pieces always stand out to me…in a chic “buy-me now” sort of way 
I wore a River Island pewter sequin blazer for my 23rd birthday, I am endlessly obsessed with it. 

I got this top last year and it is one of my absolute favorites… it’s a fun way to incorporate sequins into your casual look. 
I wore this all-sequin dress for my 22nd birthday- it’s a favorite of mine 

No spotlight needed for this look :

Sequins have graced numerous eras adding that extra kick we all need sometimes 

Rita Hayworth dons an hourglass sequin-covered figure

It’s that glam feeling you felt when playing dress up or strutting around in your moms best pearls and lipstick 

It’s a sophistication of femininity… 
Embroidery and sequins make for a great textured little number 
A celebration of glamour… 

Where it’s subtle hints 

Or the belle of the ball in a dress of pure femme glam 
Elie Saab 

The key to working it without overdoing it is keeping the sequin piece the pop-piece and not over accessorizing 

The big statement is the sequins 

So let the onlookers necks crank while you strut on 

You are a walking soirée… Own it. 

Keep the neckline clean if rocking the full sequin dress 

Keep the makeup clean and lose the earrings if wearing sequins around the face 
Keep the top simple sleek and chic if your bottoms sparkle 

Let your clothing celebrate all that you are …

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