"Dream As if You’ll Live Forever"

“Dream as if You’ll Live Forever”…And Dress as if it’s your Last Time…

The endless allure…

The leather jacket

The hair

The effortless chic t-shirt

And most importantly of all…

The mysteriously intriguing attitude

The confidence yet subtly and humble aura

James Dean is my eternal dream

The rebellious sexy edge

Quiet yet masculine

He is a rebel without of cause..

With the gentle intelligent side that sends all women into swoon mode

The individuality of “I don’t care” vibe is captivating and addicting to lust after…

….A hidden side… a troubled soul… a compassionate gent who can dress…

And it’s safe to say that he’s not only a dreamboat to many women but an aspiration to many males

Dylan McKay- from Beverly Hills 90210

Robert Pattinson

Paul Wesley

The 1950’s rebellious look and a carefree attitude to match

Equation for beginners:

Leather Jacket+ Tee+Jeans+Wayfarers
The key to not looking cliche is the slouch-chic-careless look, don’t worry if the fit is not perfectly tailored and pressed

Try finding unique pieces that not everyone has or has seen

I always say basic staples are key, and investing in these will pay off

I have a brown leather jacket my dad picked up on a trip to Italy
Its detail and quality is individualistic and memorable 


Kick the dainty and don the edge with a masculine infused look:

A jacket that is slightly tapered in at the waist or allows for accentuation of the waist with a buckle and tab perhaps, will create shape and avoid the boxy-frumpy look every girl wants to avoid


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