For Damsels in Distress for the Big Dinner…

Whether it’s a quaint gathering or a grand soiree Thanksgiving Dinner is Autumn’s big day. 

From the parade, to the big game, to a days worth of food preparation, one should dress for such an occasion.

On a day of seeing distant relatives, boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s family, and our even our own all under one roof…”what to wear” can be quite the dilemma.

Flats or nice low heels, will keep you comfortable, and allow you to become you in-laws new “favorite” while offering to carry in the pie….
Neutrals and blacks will keep an autumn clean look 
A classic tartan Aumtumn-friendly patterned top tucked into your favorite corduroys or riding pants will adhere to the down-town prep vibe
A bright top or sweater will keep you cozy and lax which is something to definitely give thanks for… in the world of everlasting tight fitted tops… 
a relaxed silhouette is just right for this occasion

Pair a multi colored scarf to to tone down the brightness and keep a Fall-vibe if you are afraid of “falling” into a Summer look

Jacquard or patterned bottoms will keep your chic look present with a loose fitted top

Bottoms with interest such as a jacquard are a good way to incorporate a surprise-factor in outfitting 

Plain tops and patterned bottoms also enable one to accessorize more on top since your shirting is not distracting

Thanksgiving Dinner Casual Looks

Hope red shirt

Long sleeve sweater
$22 –

Long cardigan

River Island pants
$47 –

Polo Ralph Lauren skinny pants
$190 –

Tall boots

Red Kiss black booties

Leather boots
$390 –

Marsèll flat shoes
$305 –

Lauren Ralph Lauren silk scarve
$78 –

Perhaps your clan likes to eat throughout the day, huddle around a television, or bask comfortably in recliners…

For a casual take on the day of a laid-back type of group:
Casual Thanksgiving Look

Isabel Marant loose fitting top
$485 –

Missoni poncho

Ilundi beige purse
$92 –

Rag bone brimmed hat
$235 –

For more formal sit-down dinner :

This classic conservative top paired with red wine tones are a sure fire Autumnal vibe

A conservative top at a formal sit-down dinner, saves you form a night of pulling up your top or adjusting it to avoid “giving away the farm”…

Plus you stand a lesser chance of the awkward moment when food fall in your cleavage
Thanksgiving Look

Yves Saint Laurent vintage top
$680 –

Karl Lagerfeld skirt
$455 –

Vivienne Westwood red handbag
$695 –

This look is perfect if you think pictures will be taken.  
Solids always come in handy to neutralize a sea of colors and prints when taking group pictures 

Simple, sleek, structured:

Even if you’ve been living under a rock you are probably still aware of how trending camel tones have been this season.
Monochrome dressing, head to toe has also graced the runways and the streets.

Pop in some fun accessories, such as a belt and necklace for a chic look:

Thanksgiving Dinner: Mono-chic

Monki crop top
$31 –

Pleated skirt

Leather boots
$535 –

Gold jewelry
$63 –

Bow belt
$150 –

….So even if the conversation went sour….or the turkey was dry…at least you can walk away knowing you looked damn good…


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