Opulent Opal

One can only be so lucky to have fine jewelry passed down through generations….

However with the help of the irreplaceable site, Invaluable
I would be sure to take these rocks to the grave with me

Click the link here for the finest ring selection, a duchess like yourself deserves

An opal ring shining with its iridescent glow can be paired with numerous colors to complement its varying tones

Iridescent Bliss

Roland Mouret green dress
$2,985 – farfetch.com

Jessica McClintock clutch
$57 – nordstrom.com

This ring makes a statement on its own.

Accenting the rings colors and features the multi-tone bag will pair nicely against the ring


Since the ring along has so much to offer, simple colors and clean lines work together to create the perfect ensemble of class and elegance 

The feminine blue tones were the dominant focus in this look, using the cape and the bag as anchors
The minimalist dress is a perfect core peice to pull the outfit together maintaining sophistication, allowing the ring to not be overpowered by any other pieces

Chic, Clean, Timeless...

A time warp occurs with the final look for this ring, utilizing a vintage 1930’s cropped jacket, and floor length skirt

Bring a modern edge to the look with the feminine form-fitting crop top 

This fresh ensemble is pulled together with the glamourous jeweled belt bringing out the diamonds in the ring

The blue and blush tone shoes are the perfect match, completing the look and coordinating directly back to the ring’s luxe appeal

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