There Is Beauty In Time

The timeless Swiss independent watch brand Louis Moinet, named after the master watchmaker of the 19th century is celebrating  the bicentenary of the chronograph (1816-2016), the Atelier’s tenth anniversary, and the launch of the new Memoris timepiece

A prestigious company with rich history, depth and artistic charisma utilizes  the originator’s inventiveness in creating works of art through watchmaking

The  inner workings of each watch, visible faces, mesmerizing cranking of dials and moving hands lends a glimpse into the fantastical mind of Louis Moinet 

“Above all, do not stray from what is true” 
Louis Moinet

Like a piece in history, a landmark in time, these 
watches stand above the rest with masterful features

To own a Louis Moinet, is to own art

There is beauty in time

Whether flying by or slowly ticking away
Sometimes we forget to check the time…

An exquisite piece such as this will turn a quick glance into a captivated stare

Reminding us that even the passing of time can be beautiful, and if closely studied, consists of intricate pieces harmoniously working together 

As we age and become more refined this heirloom piece is the pinnacle of our desires 

As time goes we grow

And like a fine wine we only get better in time

In a digitized age void of classic beauty, a Louis Moinet stands the test of time.

In honor of the inventor of the chronograph, Louis Moinet, the Memoris is presented:

Isn’t it time you own a Louis Moinet?


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