Greatest Escape

As someone who used to work in a Resort-esque vintage-inspired boutique in NYC, we often dreamt of a Palm Beach getaway to the 60’s for a cocktail and kick up our heels


                                   Click an image below to purchase:

From bright tropical pillows to chic brass jar these decor pieces will give you Resort cheer all year

This Resort vintage inspired “Woman Cave” with products from online vintage home, decor- Chairish, is every girl’s escape to a colorful getaway 


You’ll feel as though you just dropped your suitcases at the door and made it just in time for Happy Hour, filled with fruity cocktails, candies and more

Resort decor
Click an image below to purchase:


Resort decor iii


These pieces from Chairish will brighten any day, any season and invoke immediate vacation vibes

Pull up one of these fabulous bar stools for a cocktail vacation style

Resort Decor iii

Kick back with your best girlfriends and lounge around as you are channeled back to this swingin’ getaway 

resort woman cave

1960’s Inspiration:

fun decor

Resort woman cave

Be sure to check out the timeless and unique car stools at Chairish
Bottoms Up!


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