Leisurely Athletic

There was one time I questioned “what the hell, was Chuck Bass wearing”….

Needless to say as Athleisure has taken the fashion industry by storm Chuck would have way more options and would not succumb to this get up if Gossip Girl were being shot now.


Structured scuba, or spacer fabric give an athletic-chic appeal

 A friend of mine started working for Lululemon Lab

Their line takes Athleisure-chic to the next level
Their fabrics are amazing, they silhouettes, the structure is the ultimate athleisurewear

A lot of these pieces allow you to even go form yoga back to the office keeping you comfortable yet looking pulled together and chic

“Man’s mind,once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”

I bought this baby and could not be more obsessed with it.

Typically I shy away from this silouhette as much as I like it but often times these cuts hang on me, too boxy
…BUT Lab’s cut is flattering and beyond comfortable

With strategic darts and details this dress is a perfect wardrobe staple
A crazy wonderful bonus is the pieces are made in NYC!

LuluLemon Lab

The new Lab location opens at the end of March
An athleisure secret to not looking dishevdishevled is a long oversized piece like this coat from Everlane

This easy pullover dress from Everlane is a classic

Sweaty Betty has heaven-sent fabrics that will make you want to eat, sleep, and breathe in them
This trend has escalated into sequins and shine

dress it up athleisure

Slouchy, long over lean with a flat shoe will achieve an effortless comfortable look

This trend has brought a 90’s revival to the forefront, giving us warm memories of Nike, Calvin Klein, Adidas and the list goes on…


Designers have taken note to the trend and hopped on board in the best way

It’s been established that leggings have become the new “denim” and everyday “go-to”

The cross between athletic wear and designer- runway apparel has peaked

….So now we can say there’s no excuse not to go to the gym now, right?
…Or at least you’ll walk faster in comfort.


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