Outta here..Headin’ Up North

Whether you’re vibing Dawson’s Creek… or looking to escape the city…

Every NYC girl needs a break from the sultry sidewalks once in a while 

On the cusp of spring weather our souls are ready to come out into the sun once again

a New England Weekend

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Take a note of inspiration from Hilfiger
Hilfiger weekend getaway

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A refreshing break…well needed and well-deserved

A perfect loafer offers comfort -chic qualities while traveling to your weekend getaway




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You are not truly ready for this trip unless you have the essentials…

White Denim…

Paired with a fun gingham top

Gingham Button Down

A timeless shift is always a hit…
..Cathy Shift Dress

A brunch-ready Oxford Dress
Border Stripe Oxford Shirt Dress

A simple flattering dress is perfect for a day of shopping and lunch

Choose a Vineyard Vine piece and you’ll be sure to own the town

Cordia Floral Tunic Dress


Just add some accessories and you are ready for an elegant evening  

beach accessories

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Dior gave newness to the silk neck scarf this year:

or a beach bonfire in which case…Kick off your shoes and get ready to dance

A Lilly dress keeps the party alive

Linden A-Line T-Shirt Dress

Sunbathe and gossip with your BFF’s

Sunning in the Hamptons

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A wardrobe staple… The stripe dress!

On Sale now at Brooks Brothers


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