RIP to An Absolute Legendary Icon- Bill Cunningham

The news devastated me last night.

Bill, of On the Street with Bill Cunningham for the New York Times didn’t tell the masses what to wear, and what the trends were

He went out on the streets of fashion and documented the actually trends people were wearing
….truly communicating what people were wearing not what the should be wearing

With an abundance of narcissistic bloggers focusing the attention on themselves, “Mr. Cunningham preferred to be a spectator, not a spectacle, but he got his fair share of attention.”…as it was much deserved…


“We all get dressed for Bill,” Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a regular fixture in Cunningham’s columns, remarked in Press’s film.

His expert opinion, eye, and spirit will be cherished forever.

RIP dear Bill.

And no one will ever rock a blue coat like you did…


2 thoughts on “RIP to An Absolute Legendary Icon- Bill Cunningham

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