What’s Old Is New

Whether your summering in the Hamptons, or kicking it cool-kid style in LA, summertime is the peak for antiquing 

Pop over to Invauable’sSummer Antiquing guide to the hottest spots in the US to hit for antiquing

Antiques are not just your grandmothers monogrammed spoons, which by the way, Um… Hello epic tea station in your kitchen that guests will die over

A photo posted by Lauren Lee (@thee_laurenlee) on Jan 22, 2015 at 5:10pm PST


Antiquing lends authentic individuality and quality

The masses are taking more notice to what they are putting into their bodies and what they are buying
A product with quality encapsulating a story behind it surpass any mass produced item that everyone has

If you aren’t sure where to start or what your antique taste is, stop in to a museum and check out the ancient artifacts and see what tickles your fancy

I made a visit to The Met this weekend, as my parents visited me from out of town, and I rallied a game-plan to show I them I was raised with culture and no I don’t lay around my apartment on typical weekends drinking champagne in my pajamas

I was more intrigued than I expected, no it was not my first trip, and yes I take it for granted that this place is literally down the street from my apartment

But inspiration was up the walls…literally

My personal favorites are the Roman, and Medieval areas


This weekend I also went antiquing with my parents at the Chelsea Flea Market

It was an adventure rifling through finds….
Nostalgia of another time set in when we saw a few pieces…

 As a former Marylander this pin made me particularly excited….

“Croquet anyone?”

“You used to call me on my (tele)phone”

I grew up in a household with a mother of pristine taste, derived from class, culture and timelessness


Chairish offers sick pieces from lighting to outdoor pieces, place a bid and turn your space into a time-warp of yesteryear

Head to the Parlor after dinner for tea and light discussions
French Parlour

…Or head to a toasty dark-wooded living room for a fire and stiff drink

Untitled #393

1stdibs is another hot spot for upping your home-life status 

All the below pieces are from 1stdibs

1stdibs home


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