TImeless Keepsakes

Jewelry, timeless entities …

Whether handed down through generations, given at a special moment or marking a moment in time
They are the holders of memories, that we carry with us forever 
A glance at an engagement ring can spark the face of any girl newly engaged or married 50 years…
…and in that glance they are taken back to the time that it all happened.
Everything leading up to that moment, the moment they saw the ring for the first time, and all the sentiment that goes with it.
A feeling of closeness to someone…

Wearing something of theirs keeps their spirit and presence with us at all times; nostalgically reminding us of the times we saw the original wearer donning it, and admiring them.
Jewelry pieces are not just decoration they hold a trunk of emotion, mental photo albums, and an eternity of fond memories.

 While wearing a handed-down piece we are not only reminded of the previous owners, but we may often  take on the characteristics we once loved of the original wearer. 

My mother is timeless, with enough grace and poise to make royalty blush.  Her style and kindness are just a mere drop of everything that she is.
When I visit her at my childhood home now, my once immense admiration of her pretending to be her, shuffling  my tiny toddler feet in “giant” heels  through the hall dragging a shoulder padded blazer draped over my shoulders I have now graduated to actually raiding her wardrobe and jewelry boxes with her, in an only slightly more adult way.

It has become a tradition. 

She reminisces, tells me stories about pieces- where and when she got them, who- if someone had them before her,  and even places she has worn them.

Although an adult, I still get the same giddy feeling I got at 2.5 when slipping on that long strand of pearls and her grandmother’s locket.

While parading around her room and twirling in all her belongings, we both laugh, try things on, discuss how she wore it and how I’ll wear it …as she so selflessly gives me her pieces

The significance the jewelry has when I wear it- is all of the history that belonged to it when it was my mother’s, and now reminds me of our times together talking about it and hearing her stories about it.

Although I can never match her, when I wear her pieces I feel I have a fairy godmother that granted me extra grace and effortless-chic-intrigue 

Not only are the memories important but the quality  can’t  be beat when it’s an antique
It’s no secret things aren’t made the way they once were with attention to detail and made for the long run 

Don’t underestimate a piece or two – as they can set you apart from the pack and even give you the motivation to be bolder, unique, and even rise to great things just as your jewelry has done in its own life.

This amazing cuff doesn’t encapsulate the embodiment of a grand masquerade ball I don’t know what does

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