One Can Never Prep Too Soon Or Too Much

As a guest to any event the pressure is on to dress for the occasion, tradition, weather and look picture ready…. 

After all you just know these pictures are going to surpass your yearbook years and live on, on your friend’s mantles and coffee tables as “the best day of their lives” so you need to look your best!

Take into consideration….
-Role in ceremony & reception
– Your date


Keep your heels from sinking in the ground and maintain a firmer gravitational stance when busting your best moves with a thicker heel


Wide heel options

Whether your bending down to pick up the flower girl for the thousandth time, or planning to dive for the bouquet- a midi length dress is conservative and appropriate for such an event
the longer lean silhouette will also create curvaceous appeal in a tasteful way

Take the tip in context from the ever-posh Princess Kate at  her sister’s wedding
as a mother and “mother goose” of children that day for the ceremony there was much bending and kneeling

From sitting down to standing up to dancing to shaking hands with grandparents the last thing you need is to be tugging your dress down then pulling it back up to stay in place
Untitled #577

An outdoor draft, or air-conditioning to the max- A lady shivering is never happy
Plan to cover up regardless of the season….

coverings for weddinngs

As for the gents…
Your love for package deals whether they be beer, food combos, or anything for ease just went next level..

Is an elite source with details down to your ever-so-easy to forget pocket square and cuff links!

Midnight Blue Tuxedo

Please, oh please as a personal preference, do not select a pair of trousers too short so your sock is visible even before you sit down
I am keen on a fitted trend, however the slim & short cuts are taken a bit to far nowadays

Thankfully The Black Tux offers fitting options


We know getting the right fit is key to looking great. That’s why one of our highly skilled Fit Specialists reviews each and every order we receive. If we see anything that looks off, we’ll contact you to discuss.
They offer:
A place to enter your sizes if you know your size
Step-by-step on measuring yourself
& even an option to allot a tailor the responsibility (& my personal favorite)

Also check out collaboration 
as GQ dubbed- Best New Menswear Designer :
Ovadia & Sons
Best wishes in avoiding any faux paus via “The Sweetest Thing” meltdown of the notoriously unprepared wedding guests

Image result for the sweetest thing movie photos wedding


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