Spicing Things up for Thanksgiving

I made my way home to the comforts of country roads from the city clutter and clatter… I could not be more at ease

A fine overcoat in a warm hue will bring this Autumnal holiday to life

Buy it now w/ 25% off (with code DONTSTRESS)atlas cocoon coat

Classic conservative pieces are timeless

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I have an intense obsession with leather gloves…they complete any look, not to mention are fantastic for riding the city subways 

(I can’t stand having to hold on with no barrier between my hand and the other 5million people that touched the pole as well that morning)

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A silk scarf and longer length skirt with add an easy chic-comfort for those long family dinner gatherings
Style tip: 
I love love love the wear scarves different ways. 
Pull a scarf vibrant from your wardrobe and transform your out with a belt by simply placing the scarf over your neck and placing the belt over top 

This will give your feminine curves by cinching at the waist
Shop Now:

bon—-voyage: “Ravi Vora ”

AN signature Scarf Ring, Feather Knot scarf configuration, Hermes Pampa 1988 Jean de Fougerolle

I love a chic chignon for an easy elegant ‘do

Although I love being home, autumn in NYC is magical…just stay tuned for the Christmas bliss yet to come

The joy of staying in, eating fabulously, and dressing in chic comfort

Take a bite outta that!


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