Girl. I have not experienced so much pre-shopping anxiety until this year..

The Black Friday emails have been coming in hot all week…. 

Here are some of my favorites:    
A classic, a staple, a go-to, a must…. Kiehl’s keeps your face looking like those Black Friday emails aren’t hindering your sleep schedule

Choose 4 Deluxe Samples on orders $45+ and a FREE Travel Bag on orders $85+ 

Code: BFRIDAY Ends: 11/26/17

Click here to shop

I absolutely love everything domino puts out daily. Subscribe to them if you don’t already!
I have been a long-time follow and avid fan of Gray’s work. Check out his instagram feed, if his photos aren’t already they will become your new obsession for sure

Click here to shop

Enter TURKEY30 for 30% off all prints & receive by Christmas

I love a party dress from Parker, perfect for all your holiday parties… and the endless wedding, bridal, bachelorette etc parties …. (tis the season for last 5 years and it just keeps going…)

Click here to shop

Ah, since I interned for Brooks Brothers, they have been one of my favorite clothing brands. Timeless. Classic. Forever pieces.


IN STORES 11/24 & 11/25

Shop here now

I just might be the biggest juicing fan ever. And during/after the holidays this is one of the sweetest deals…

Click here to shop

Domestic and chic, or at least I pretend to be while drinking wine straight from the bottle while I stir 
Get one step closer with these killer deals

Click here to shop

Happy Shopping.


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