The New Power Suits …. might as well have a cape they’re so fly

Options are endless
Appeal is eternal
The suit.

From lapels, to the swinging trouser in the wind I am sucker for a tailored suit
And the amount of options you have to tailor to your personal taste…
well that is just the top hat on the grand essence

A clean cream suit is fresh and elegant

Suiting up doesn’t have to be hum-drum
Experiment with proportions and pattern scales
Mix, match… go wild

A thick choker, cropped blouse or bustier, paired with a tailored high-waist trouser will give you a new preferred option to that cocktail dress
This look is timeless with an intense allure

It also allows for those formal accessories that always seem to be just too much with your formal dresses

People often feel too covered or not feminine in suits but they are oh-so wrong
Keep it sexy with crop tops to highlight those high-waisted trousers
Add a little lace for femininity through the roof!

A crop top, will also expose your figure and give you that sought-after hour-glass 

…or if you ever so choose
Dare to go bare!
I love this look 
A classic tailored blazer buttoned at the ribcage
Enough left to the imagination and yet enough to flaunt it

Vivacious velvet suiting 
The allure velvet fabrics have grant you an instant luxe look, and who doesn’t want to be draped in head to toe luxury

Velvets catch the light and without any patterns or prints a simple velvet fabric creates movement, interest and is anything but ordinary 

And although we are all about the feminine approach…
I am never one to not take a note of inspo from the gents!

Reds and golds in the winter months speak of regal quality 
All you need is a dimmed light, a your Sinatra vinyl and glass of your finest…
Shop: atelierdore for killer suit pieces
You will never be able to shake the scholarly vibes out of me

The striped crop accentuates the waist highlighted by the tailored trouser
This look is great because  you don’t lose the look if you shed the jacket throughout the day; also giving you a casual way of styling a suit when you aren’t boardroom-bound

Double-breasted buttons have an allure to no end
Slick that hair into a chic chignon 
Add a dark cat eye 
and you are ready to take on the world
Ah, the slouch-chic
My personal go-to these days.
Once again proportions are key here
By using the same pattern for top and bottom you are coordinated- not disheveled
A simple “nude” top keeps your look clean and chic
Let the clothes do the talking 
Keep the accessories minimal, and color-coordinated to your palette 
and you will be the envy of everyone attired from jeans to tuxes

Shop now:

Shop now:
I am a huge fan of suit shorts
A boyfriend blazer matched back to shorts keep your casual look modern with a touch of individual style
The “3-piece” an absolute classic
Styling with a turtleneck finishes off the look in an effortless way
I am a top to bottom lass, my typical technique is:
Match the top or even eye wear/head wear to the shoe 
which will tie back the whole look together
Suit Up & Own It

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