Soar through gifting with Sorel!

Now that most of us have seen the first snow of the season, we are all scrambling like it’s never happened before or every single year for that matter…
Sorel has changed the game when it comes to 
cold (not to mention WET)- weather wear
Um, Hi.
This are amazing. 
And meant for wet weather when everyone else looks chic from head-to-knee only
Because rain/snow gear is just usually not that chic and clunk city if you’re being honest
Sorel changes the game with 

Style a cropped sweater with a high waist pant to maintain your figure keeping a casual appeal
and pair with a Sorel to keep you comfortable sans snow on the toes all day long
Personally I dread the snow sleet rain days
All my wet-weather boots are heavy and clunky and when you are in NYC commuting the LAST thing you need is something else to throw off your game
We’re already battling countless stairs at the subway, juggling our coffees and dodging guys with huge rolling carts adding extra obstacles for kicks…

But now you can go from dredging to work to prancing to work 
and schlepping outside to skipping like your on a date from a Hallmark Classic movie 

Oh, and heyyyy they partnered with Chloe!

SOREL X Chloé Logo
A close-up of the shearling tongue.
Cozy genuine shearling tongue/lining.
Close-up of the oversized gold buttons.
Oversized gold hardware buttons.
Close-up of the oversized laces.
Generous signature metallic laces.
Close-up of the herringbone rubber outsole.
SOREL heritage herringbone traction outsole.
And…. are you dying over these?! I am. 

Six suede booties in various colors, lined with shearling.

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