Travel from Schlep to Strut

My favorite ways to travel, are with enough time to not rush and enough fabric to breathe and shoes that let my feet breathe 30,000 miles up

Between today and New Years, we will all have enough stress without our pants cutting off our circulation or itchy inescapable turtlenecks.

The act of travel was once an art-form it was so beautiful, from the clothing to the courtesy.  The least we can do is treasure those times, and create new ones with class and leisure.

A secret… that I apparently am no longer keeping, is to dress with the heir of a “bag-lady” for travels so to speak.
 wear the heavy pieces,
and don your expensive pieces you don’t want out of your sight!

Cardigans are a for sure safe bet. Easy to shed and not too bulky.

The “Megan Crochet” is quintessential at new clothing brand, Arrow Clothing

When popping straight off the plane here are some fun looks straight from the air to the Christmas Affair

I love love love a wrap coat.
Sneak a cropped/fitted blazer underneath and you’re ready to rock.

A blouse with tartan trousers are a perfect combination of festive-comfort-chic 

My go-to is always a blazer and velvet loafer.

Oh and for your lad, these sexy suits have stretch for those who just can’t keep off the “dance floor” with the kids

Time to kick back, and don’t let the tree be the only thing that gets lit this year

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