Refined and Defined with a bit of Roguery

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Nostalgia has been my style, my taste, my way of life since as long as I can recall
As I stir my tea with my antique monogrammed tea spoons I snuggle into my grandfather’s cardigan I bask in bliss of Rowing Blazers

There’s a sense of romanticism in the classics and tradition 

My infatuation takes new heights in old-world charm, collegiate disposition & baronial legacies  

These collections have meaning, heritage, history, and soul

This is what fashion used to all be about
…built on an unwavering foundation

If the blazing prestige is not enough of a selling point need we mention, pieces are handmade in New York

One more time for the ladies and gents in the back
Now this brand is the real deal from start to finish (literally)

Jack Carlson, of Rowing Blazers has captured, cultivated and revived the cult classics

and I’m dying.

Now, if your interested in watching my heart flutter, my words jumble, and hearing my school-girl giggle (and this is before you hand me a glass of wine) you will introduce me to a fine gent donning a trimmed blazer 

Acrylic on Canvas 36

Perhaps my love of this apparel began in my early days of croquet after dinner with my parents and siblings


RB SS18 

To be honest part of me participated because I adored the the pops of color on beautifully crafted mallets and balls

Nevertheless, tradition, classics and color reeled me for life.




Now while I love formal and traditional
I have an affinity for a kick and a twist 
Adding a bit of a rebellious flare, a loosening of the tie and letting down the hair vibe, if you will

And who better acquainted with color than artist, Donald Robertson Check out his Instagram here

So you know if these two collab’d …this line and its artistry is in it for the long haul

Legendary, Jack Carlson:


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