A New York Delicacy

Shout out to MADE IN NEW YORK, fine craftsmanship.
(not to mention woman owned & operated
… can I get an Amen!?)

This Brooklyn-based brand offers elite quality jewelry paralleling with their elite business practices 

The Big Cute

I am a girl all about the stacks. 

Leave it to Catbird to guide your hand, literally and perfect you tip to knuckle ratio like a pro

This kitten mitten piece is obsession-worthy based on the name alone…

From beach to cocktails this piece is unique, delicate & perfect for summer


Getting personal….

Ah, perfection, with wedding season in full swing and everyone looking for personalized gifts or even self- gifting (one of my favorites)… 

This ring is ideal:

Catbird Jewelry


If the chic fine craftsmanship isn’t enough of a selling point for you, hold onto your earrings…

Because this group of worship-worthy artisans take pride & value in everything,

From transparent honesty with customers, to loyal respect to their employees …

THIS is how a business SHOULD run!

Catbird Jewelry


Oh, and don’t forget they also carry beauty essentials:

Herb Essentials

French Girl

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