Bohemian Bombshell



To be quite honest I am so over the use of the word “boho” as it seems to have lost its meaning. Some of these girls are overdoing it to the max which is the opposite of the free-spirit lifestyle.  

Be real. Keep it real. & Best part of it all is you can’t go wrong with your unique individuality.

I have had an obsession with handcrafted handbags since my first leather satchel from Guatemala in 1998. The genuine artisanal skill brings me such joy and pride in owning it. 

A lot of the allure in this comes from embracing the cultures you engage with in your travels, so it’s like taking little pieces of where you’ve been with you

Infusing it into your own world

These Boho Bags are my latest obsession and they sell out so fast so get ’em while they’re smokin’

They exude Boho and all is glory.
“Boho Bags is the embodiment of an attitude. Of a free and open spirit, of unshakable self-belief, of positivity, creativity and liberation.”

Oh and if that’s not enough of a sell… they are HANDMADE!

The lifestyle in and of itself is everything.
Coming from a NYC girl’s perspective, even the ability to take in a big breath of air is brave. 

So, this ambiance and way of being is out of this world to me.

If were keepin’ it honest which you know I do …A true “Boho” is that of

Nomadic livin, wanderers, seekers…To be Bohemian…

involves musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits.

It’s a true lifestyle. 

(and that’s before social media made lifestyle branding a “thing”)

…Now to bask in Inspo for ‘daze’…

An absolute favorite brand of mine is

Their pieces are so effortlessly chic and insanely story-book fierce

Shop Boho Everything Now:


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