Just Bag It.

A Summer Handbag.

An Essential.


It requires thought, consideration & deliberation.

From size to shape to color to materials all must be taken into account 

ESPECIALLY if you are planning rooftop drinks after work OR attempting to strategically pack for holiday

A bag with a structured shape is ideal when you are able to sit it on a table or desk.  It also comes in handy when you will be carrying more things, making it easier to navigate with the ‘one hand wander’ as you are simultaneously hailing a cab and texting.

Handbag brand, Rodo has a nostalgic feel for me as I have inherited (aka: took from my grandmothers closet) a few bags with similar silhouette in wicker– A PERFECT SUMMER piece.


I also love these pieces as they are versatile, sleek and chic for travel and honestly have enough character in and of themselves that you will look perfectly chic in jeans, a tee, and silk headscarf.

It’s important to make every part of travel fun. And what is more fun than some color popping pieces.

Evoking the 60’s in every good way possible

 aka my dream

With praises and a hallelujah chorus due to brands like 

Travel no longer involves clunky clashing luggagePick a chic color that sets you apart both in the luggage line (i’m not one for guessing on which suitcase is mine at baggage claim)

This essential will give you the heir to breeze through your travels with confidence & grace 

This is one of my favorite sets.Timeless elegance.


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