Breathe the Breeze

Dusters, kimonos & cover ups

It’s an art form, Dressing in the sultry city summer heat


There is more to the summer heat than just dressing in light fabrics

From the random gusts of wind down narrow streets to sitting on the subway to walking up flights of stairs…. a lot of thought goes (or should go into) getting dressed

Now the heat in NYC is a killer, feels like a sauna a lot

Now when I wear short shorts, dresses or skirts I feel like I need something to cover my backside and sit on ….the perfect answer?

An open duster!


A light airy duster won’t make you any hotter but will provide comfort  and a bit more conservativeness in the city surroundings

I especially love a good long duster for rooftop situations and evening plans when you have that respectable dinner before that wild night out

May we recommend to start the night right at:

 Loopy Doopy Rooftop bar


City views, cocktails, and popsicles it’s the best of all worlds

Finding a good coverup duster is also ideal for travel, navigating the airports, and feeling more comfortable not having to sit on benches & public seats against your bare legs(Yes, I am that person that can’t stand it)


Shop a duster NOW:

This option will not take away from your summer look by covering it, but give you a little extra zest
I love this sheer option.
It is so chic and perfect for dinner before the clubs/bars
Slide View: 1: UO Tammy Sheer Trench Coat Slide View: 2: UO Tammy Sheer Trench Coat Slide View: 3: UO Tammy Sheer Trench Coat Slide View: 4: UO Tammy Sheer Trench Coat Slide View: 1: UO Tammy Sheer Trench Coat
BUY: URBAN OUTFITTERS Tammy Sheer Trench Coat
This option is so ideal for beach vacay brunch before the beach!
I have an affinity for any and all Ocean & Main pieces. This one is perfect, with the options to wear as a dress or open
It is the ultimate must-have for travels

BUY: FREE PEOPLE: Curved Gauze Duster

A printed kimono duster is amazing if you want to add to a solid color little dress without having to go overboard on accessories to dress it up





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