Very Varsity

My forever sweetheart. You never missed a football game. The shuffle of pom poms still palpable. Slow dances to fast cars and endless milkshakes… (yes I grew up in a small town) What we remember forever are those high school days.

Plaid skirt and jacket
Stacks on both wrists are my day to day. And there’s no better stack than a KJP stack
kieljamespatrick: American Made in every detail
OVERSIZED rugby shirt, aka mens rugby shirt
Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 7.21.40 PM
Shop the ever so charming Varsity collection at Ralph Lauren now
Both Men’s & Women’s are covet-worthy


Nothing is more swoon-worthy than when a couple, so in-sync matches by default
Ladies & gentlemen: my parents in 1979. I die.
I also want that sweater.

Rugby polo Hilfiger Edition & Moncler trousers

Kent & Curwen is a jewel of British menswear reborn for the 21st century.

Oh and they completely stole my heart.


Alexander Wang

elle france by stefano galuzzi january 2014.

There’s no comfort greater than that of the varsity letterman sweater.


The confidence of strategic athleticism with the unshakable moxie as a class-leader, a role model, hell- an ICON.

Dress Like A 1940s Sub-Deb for Spring 2014 | Last-Year Girl: Dress ...

Orvisvarsity cadrd

You draped it over your shoulders at the bonfires. He gave you his ring. It was official you were going steady.


What was the best part? The Letterman jacket, of course!

Shop this Vintage find here
vintage jkt
Stomp your feet.
To the alma mater we all know, love, and will never get out of our heads.
18 Signs You went to an Ivy League school #jpcrickets #ivyleague
The halls open as if by magic pull the crowd splits as you approach. Your elegant strut down the hall attracts gazes by the handful.  Your favorite book in one arm and your BFF on the other of course you rule the school in your colorful
It goes without saying a go-to slip-on is none other than Stubbs & Wootton

A multi-colored handbag to store those love notes, endless packs of bubble gum & of course a sharpened #2 pencil.

Oh and…. it’s Hermès,?! Honey yes please.




Its been to my utmost indulgent that Riverdale has taken it back to the days that I yearn for.

Milkshakes and Pop’s… okay,  my high school years were basically a 90’s teen movie.

House parties, milkshakes and 1 coffee house in town… but it was everything.

jw swtsht


but the nostalgic-scholarly fashion…. is where I covet the most…



The perk of being a grander age than school days are the cocktails.

If you’re in NYC kick one back with the best of ’em at these bars…

The Thirsty ScholarScreen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.52.16 PM

The Library at the NoMad HotelScreen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.00.22 PM.png

“Just because we read write and ‘frat’ernize  doesn’t mean we can toast with the best of them”

The Carnegie ClubScreen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.16.24 PM.png



Zara Patchwork Minizaraskt


Damn, Versace.


From team cheers & chants, hallway gossip & endless weekend drives…the golden years will always hold a place in our heart. And we will live in the nostalgia embedded in our wardrobe


Meet me at the bleachers, 3’o clock, don’t be late. xx

Dartmouth Jacket

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