Suit Up- Pack it up, Tuck it in… let me begin


I never understood them as a child flipping through the pages of the old Victoria Secret catalogs- a poplin button down attached to your underwear… but why!? BECAUSE it stays tucked in, Lauren. That’s why.

Mom was right. 

Embodiment. Embracement. Regnant.

Aside from staying tucked it’s slimming, and chic and non-bulging.

Catch me from the right, left, center, ariel view….  you wont care where you are on that impromptu insta-pic every angle is flattering in a form-fitting piece that isn’t riding anywhere.


 As we gracefully transition into more layers for the Autumn season; we hope to remain as delicate as that of the  falling leaves layering atop of each other.

I opt for bodysuits whenever possible. They emphasize your figure so you don’t always have to head straight to the over-sized bulk.

They also let you obtain a look with figure emphasis, without having to choose a piece that is too tight to keep tucked in and in place.  From the casual take on a tank to the sexy blouse or lingerie -inspired; there’s bodysuit for every body & every occasion.


This sleek conservative baby is on sale, major!

I love this high neck. You’re already showing your figure, a high-neck is a great balance.

The Outnetbdysuit outnet

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a leotard from gymnastics to ballet I lived in a leotard. It was like my second skin. Also led me to despising pants. (can I get an Amen)

Lady Gaga,  Beyonce, and hell even Olivia Newtown John (when she got physical)  got it right- Bodysuit sans bottoms of any kind.


bdysit                                             Jessica Stam took Numero Korea’s October ’09


CAMI NYC- Satin           CINQ À SEPT- Frill Cuff            CINQ À SEPT – Mesh Panel


Dolce & Gabanna are elitists for their jeweled bodysuits. The truest covet of them all.

Aside from showstopping quality, these pieces are pack-friendly for their diversity and let’s be honest its not a whole lot of material to pack; leaving plenty of room for those 3 extra pairs of shoes we won’t even touch while were away.

A white tee is a classic that will never go away. What better, than a fitted, prefected tee. I am obsessed with Leith, their fabrics are always so so soft and so good.

Leith-White Fitted Tee

Bodysuits reign at Oysho. Perfectly transitional and feminine.

Figure Hugging pieces…

Embracing the femme form in all its glory.


        Revolve – Lace                        Urban Outfitters-Ribbed Cap Sleeve


This Zara bodysuit is what I’m talking about. A blouse with  voluminous flounce, contained by the unfailing  bodysuit .

bodysuit zara


          ASOS- Nude Jersey                                  Theory- Pointelle


Bette Franke : S Moda by David Roemer (2014)bodysuit model

Free People is on fire right now with their bodysuit game. From taut tanks to flowy bell sleeves they are killin’ it

FP- Square Neck



FP- Bell Sleeve               FP- Ruffle Neck             FP- Rib Short Sleeve


A bodysuit does not have to be curve-hugging.

These fluid pieces are beautifully elegant, feminine and most importantly stay that way all day long.

Nothing is worse than going the flowy route just to look sloppy all day. A bodysuit will ensure the tuck-in remains. Win-Win.

AFRM-Floral               FP- White Slong Sleeve            ASTR- Cowl neck


Make it yours & Make it work.


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