Let’s Stay In

Step outside today?...Today is my first day back to work in a week. And all I want to do is crawl back into bed... Here's the best formula for the next cozy escape weekend....The recipe for a cozy day in is simple, cozy and essential...Shop these pieces at ATHLETASome of my "day-in" faves:Taylor Swift - ReputationEd Sheeran [...]


Bodacious Botanics

"Florals for spring.... Groundbreaking".......But yet somehow they areFrom Zara to Dolce and gabbana the industry took botanical to another level for spring/summer 2016AsosTop applied appliqué / embellishment create detail of interest and can make a girl feel like she's surrounded by the chicest of gardens Emilia WicksteadValentinoMichael KorsNostalgic for a simpler timeChannel your inner flower-child For, 60's [...]

Leisurely Athletic

There was one time I questioned "what the hell, was Chuck Bass wearing"....Needless to say as Athleisure has taken the fashion industry by storm Chuck would have way more options and would not succumb to this get up if Gossip Girl were being shot now.       //assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.jsStructured scuba, or spacer fabric give an athletic-chic [...]