Boho Necessities

Boho Necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife. These boho pieces are ones, That bring the bare necessities of life   Listen to that freedom ring; to the shake of homemade instruments, to the shuffles of bare feet, and leather sandals- not unlike that of the Woodstock- days of peace. Boho Bags is the embodiment of [...]


Small World, Little Market

Global recognition.Fair Trade.Artisans.Women.#Amen  Where to start with this one..I as many others have been a longtime lover, consumer, and follower of the little market In a world that seems quite divided and distant what better time than to recognize we are all human, all have gifts, and all have something to learn from each other BASHA      [...]


The east coast saw the sun for the first time this week in what feels like a decadeThere is nothing more appealing to me than effortless enchantment And nothing does it better than a chic caftanVeruschka - US Vogue February 15, 1966As a child (& even now) ...I envision myself in floating down a grand staircase [...]