5th annual holiday partnership with Feeding America

5th annual holiday partnership with Feeding America

Kiehl’s, the 167-year-old purveyor of the finest skincare, collaborated with artist Andrew Bannecker this holiday season, and the 10th Annual Limited Edition Charitable Holiday Collection. Continuing its holiday philanthropic tradition.

Travel from Schlep to Strut

My favorite ways to travel, are with enough time to not rush and enough fabric to breathe and shoes that let my feet breathe 30,000 miles upBetween today and New Years, we will all have enough stress without our pants cutting off our circulation or itchy inescapable turtlenecks.The act of travel was once an art-form [...]

Wardrobe Utilization

The holidays can be hard on everyone... I find them especially challenging when all I want to do is spend time and money on gifts for myself... ...And while my mother practices the motto every once in a while, "Everyone deserves to give a gift to themselves" I excessively exercised this way of thinking and ran with itMeanwhile, sales and [...]

Kiss the Holidays Hello and Good Bye with one swipe of your best lip stick!

Choosing the right shade for your perfect pout.... can be just as tricky as choosing the right dress...Katy PerryChoosing the right shade can give you that signature "It-Girl" look for the night...A great find I found from one of my favorite cosmetic YouTube vloggers- Kandee JohnsonLIP SPACKLEThis product not only holds color in place, but removes your natural [...]