‘Ring It On In

Opulent, detailed, intricate rings can be the statement piece of an entire look.There are tricks and tips to nailing the look from your finger to your toes.Visit Invaluable jewelry an elite unique auction marketplace. Find a beautiful selction of regal rings like the one above, HERESimilar detailing in the shoulder of the top coordinates the look back to [...]

Delicately Deco

If there's one thing I look for in accessories its unique quality.The website Invaluable offers just that. Click the link here for the finest ring selection, a duchess like yourself deservesThis deco-reminiscent ring recalls great opulence and unique elementsCalypso St Barth black keyhole topcalypsostbarth.comHelmut Lang knee length skirt$555 - julesb.co.ukCasadei black ankle bootiesshopbop.comAlice Olivia evening handbagsaksfifthavenue.com The [...]

Superb Scarves and their infinite Stylish possibilities…

Scarves have been my favorite accessory to the point I don't consider them (just) an accessory but a necessity ...from the time when I was 14 and  called the "head scarf" returning to trend before it happened  ... to working with the bombastic  beautiful Lilly Pulitzer printed scarves on Madison Ave.... to working in a corporate office designing scarves...I have seen the versatile style they can bring... the multi-functionality they can produce...  the coordination that [...]

Ready to shop not sure where to start? or Stumped for how to coordinate your next look?

Please follow me at keatonrow.comI will help you style and coordinate for any type of occasion, or just a new look!This is my passion and this is what I live for.The only driver most days to get me to go to school was wearing a new outfit, or styling and coordinating it uniquely.  Apparel is an [...]

For the Debs, the Dolls, and Dames

....If you're not excited for this we can't be friends... I read The Great Gatsby in high school and F. Scott Fitzgerald had me at Hello... he is like Nicolas Sparks on steroids.  His poetic writing paints beautiful pictures with no need for images...BUT this film should be a film to end all films. When I [...]