Cultivated Elegance

Cultivated Elegance

  Fluidity. Gliding Grace. Elegantly Elevated. Ruffled Regality.    There's a reason ballerinas are looked on in amazement. Well more the one, but the major; their sheer poise and gracefulness. The beauty of movement and elegance. Bringing that to life through gowns, blouses, & decor... well who want to live in a world of ethereal refinement? [...]


Tossled Chic.

Toussled. Slouch-Chic. Living.The oversized coat allows for a long over lean sophistication.The effortless simplicity of the boxy coat alleviates and layering stresses keeping your look sleek while keeping warmShop Now:STELLA MCCARTNEY checked double breasted coatEverlane The Wool OvercoatTAGLIATORE plaid boxy coatLEMAIRE boxy double-breasted coatI have always had an affinity for turtlenecks  A timeless clean appeal Pair it [...]

Layering Game

Layering has become an art-form for me since I somehow transform from a shivering toddler to a sweating 65 year old bird in the matter of a few hoursPerhaps it's the depths I travel into the subway stations, the abundance of people and tourists treading off at the same time or the sheer fact that [...]

The Great Fall of Summer…

Transitioning from Summer to Fall can be tricky in terms of weather...trends.. and knowing what exactly is appropriate..Since most of the country is out of whack lately with weather patterns... my hometown up north was just as hot as FL this past week....Currently I am in Florida right now and there is a struggle with [...]