Why I won’t let go of my iPod Classic

Why I won’t let go of my iPod Classic

Music is my timeline. My milestone markers, my seasonal states, my moods...I feel free not experiencing life through a screen.


Road Trippin’

 A Roadtrip is an adventure, it's an experience, a journey and can be a life-changing getaway Be honest most of us have been dreaming of the ultimate roadtrip for years... The music you have along the way can make all the differences I took a trek in my car from Florida to MD and the [...]

Jazz Fever

Don't be a canceled stamp! (20's slang for wall flower/shy girl)In light of the Gatsby buzz, here's some music for the eggs (person who lives a life of extravagance) of the bunch...put your glad rags on (out on the town clothes)...and let your Oliver Twist shine (skilled dancer)...I love this Lana Del Rey song for the [...]