Cultivated Elegance

Cultivated Elegance

  Fluidity. Gliding Grace. Elegantly Elevated. Ruffled Regality.    There's a reason ballerinas are looked on in amazement. Well more the one, but the major; their sheer poise and gracefulness. The beauty of movement and elegance. Bringing that to life through gowns, blouses, & decor... well who want to live in a world of ethereal refinement? [...]


The "Donning" Of A New Age

I've always had a passion for ruffles and and bowsBut these aren't just for little girlsThese aren't just the pieces worn by our 'serious-faced' ancestors in portraitsIt's regalFeminineTimelessA nostalgic feel withy the ritz of a royalBows around neck eraBows in hairBows on dresses in back with bustleRuffles around neck lineValentinoIf there's one guy that comes [...]

Suit-up to turn heads

Seductive Suiting alternatives for the office...dinner...or a night out..As menswear influences sweep into womenswear for this Fall... it's up to us to interpret and make it our own...No one can deny the magic the little black dress holds, or simple details like collars or lapels You can mix up your daily look by pairing the simple [...]