Throw Glitter in the air, and Clink your Glass

It's Almost the New Year and time for SassThe roaring soiree of the year......the celebration of the end on one and the commencement of  a new year is upon usThere are so many options for NYE events...Long-Sleeve Dresses to brave the cold Celebratory Sequin Numbers..Classic-on-trend- Velvet Most importantly remember to....Bright PoP's of ColorA few tips to [...]


Can we talk about this?! I loved The Excessive…Ostentatious… Wistful…Glorified Gatsby

The style, the charisma, and charm The Great Gatsby possessed will live on in our hearts....The apparel in this film was just as mesmerizing as the plot...Daisy's headscarf...As a fan of the headscarf since 2004..Daisy looked beautiful in this scene (and every scene)..."...that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful [...]

Behind The Books…F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald

 Fitzgerald in Brooks BrothersF. Scott and Zelda's excessive and lavish lifestyle celebrated the 1920's in a way that seemed as real as a fiction novel could be to ordinary folk.Zelda influenced many of the female characters F. Scott wrote about...She was the first flapper..."From her cropped hair to her bare shoulders and ankles, Zelda embraced [...]

The Berries (20’s slang for attractive) and the Bee’s Knees (20’s slang for the ultimate) gather for The Great Gatsby premier

Some of Hollywood's hottest stars donned the premier in some gorgeous threads...Moments and favorite looks of the evening...Favorite dress of the night- Nina Dobrev looked gorgeous as ever in a deco-esqueVersace dress, Rupert Sanderson shoes, Susan Foster jewelry, and a Jimmy Choo clutch. feel Carey could have gone a little more 20's inspired although she is gorgeous nonetheless Jennifer Lawrence looked fresh faced and [...]

A Gatsby blog post each day until the film release!… you can experience this one yourself!

Hello, checking in for the Gatsby "party"(you can makes these kinds of puns all day)Kick it like Mr Jay Gatsby...       This lavish space was unveiled at the Plaza in NYC.. which was also mentioned in the book (The Great Gatsby)F. Scott himself frequented the hotel often with wife, Zelda.  This is the real [...]

Roaring..Ralph style

"The movie’s style that Lauren created quickly became as much a part of the iconography of the Ralph Lauren brand as it was perfectly emblematic of boom-time Jazz Age America where financial cataclysm was lurking just around the corner." am an obsessive follower of Ralph Lauren designs season to season... and of course they tackled [...]

Jazz Fever

Don't be a canceled stamp! (20's slang for wall flower/shy girl)In light of the Gatsby buzz, here's some music for the eggs (person who lives a life of extravagance) of the bunch...put your glad rags on (out on the town clothes)...and let your Oliver Twist shine (skilled dancer)...I love this Lana Del Rey song for the [...]

For the Debs, the Dolls, and Dames

....If you're not excited for this we can't be friends... I read The Great Gatsby in high school and F. Scott Fitzgerald had me at Hello... he is like Nicolas Sparks on steroids.  His poetic writing paints beautiful pictures with no need for images...BUT this film should be a film to end all films. When I [...]