Breathe the Breeze

Dusters, kimonos & cover ups It's an art form, Dressing in the sultry city summer heat   There is more to the summer heat than just dressing in light fabrics From the random gusts of wind down narrow streets to sitting on the subway to walking up flights of stairs.... a lot of thought goes (or [...]

Just Bag It.

A Summer Handbag.An Essential.   It requires thought, consideration & deliberation.From size to shape to color to materials all must be taken into account ESPECIALLY if you are planning rooftop drinks after work OR attempting to strategically pack for holidayA bag with a structured shape is ideal when you are able to sit it on a table or [...]

Hott Times in the City

This ones for the NYC summer interns, newbies, haunted & daunted tourists & those just trying to get by We're here to give you tips, tricks & products for ease (you'll thank us... we did it the hard way) We all love a little classic handbag for our daily commutes. But in all honesty you will more than likely [...]

Travel from Schlep to Strut

My favorite ways to travel, are with enough time to not rush and enough fabric to breathe and shoes that let my feet breathe 30,000 miles upBetween today and New Years, we will all have enough stress without our pants cutting off our circulation or itchy inescapable turtlenecks.The act of travel was once an art-form [...]