Suit Up- Pack it up, Tuck it in… let me begin

Suit Up- Pack it up, Tuck it in… let me begin

Bodysuits- Obtain a look with figure emphasis from casual to fancy


Picnics, Tailgates and Good Times- Oh My!

Picnics, Tailgates and Good Times- Oh My!

Whether a Central Park Saturday picnic or turning it up for the first tailgate of the year there's a certain etiquette one must abide by for a successful, memorable, and dare we say festive soirée.

Boho Necessities

Boho Necessities

Forget about your worries and your strife. These boho pieces are ones, That bring the bare necessities of life   Listen to that freedom ring; to the shake of homemade instruments, to the shuffles of bare feet, and leather sandals- not unlike that of the Woodstock- days of peace. Boho Bags is the embodiment of [...]

In Honor And Memory Of….

Oscar De La RentaPAPERMAG: That Time Oscar de la Renta Almost Fought Cecil Beaton   DesignerArtistIconLegendGentlemanOne-of- a- KindOne of my absolute biggest inspirations in the industry is Oscar.A demonstrator of true elegance and classOscar de la Renta - Collections Fall Winter 2013-14 - Shows -   Oscar De La Renta debuted as a couture designer in [...]

"Creator To Closet"… "Chic Clothes To Mine!"

STYLESAINT fabulous is this?!LOOKBOOKAn all-American, designed and manufactured SAINT AUGUSTINE -- SILK MOSAIC$158This dress is great for a summer day on the boat, and heading straight to the rooftop party afterwardMONK DRESS$178This brand leaves out the middle man and the posh product is sent directly to the customerTAKE-TWO TOP -- WHITEWASHED$68This brand connects you with chic [...]

Casual Chic

Cozy up to the chicest casual trendsThe embellished sweatshirt took the world by storm but at least it left us its comforting chic look to keep warm and on trendJ.Crew-JEWELED CHANDELIER SWEATSHIRT3.1 Phillip Lim- LIGHT GREY CRYSTAL EMBELLISHED JERSEY SWEATSHIRTBurberry- EMBELLISHED CASHMERE SWEATERJ. Crew- Collection embellished Moroccan sweater Collection

Love at First Sight…Clearly

As soon as I noticed the blurred lacking definition of a Chanel tweed, and the diminishing drape of Lanvin....I knew it was indeed MY eyesight that had gone stale...To turn up the clarity, definition in detail, and well allow me to actually count the yarns in a fabric and analyze its twist in the infamous [...]

For "SAAB-ING" out loud….

As I live and breathe.... Elie Saab endlessly creates such beauty that it hurts...Hearing Lebanese designer, Elie Saab's motivation it's no wonder why women fall head-over fabulous heels for a Saab piece.Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S 2013"I like ..women who twirl theirdresses with desire and pride.."It's safe to say most girls would endlessly twirl in endless glory of [...]

Suit-up to turn heads

Seductive Suiting alternatives for the office...dinner...or a night out..As menswear influences sweep into womenswear for this Fall... it's up to us to interpret and make it our own...No one can deny the magic the little black dress holds, or simple details like collars or lapels You can mix up your daily look by pairing the simple [...]